Living better by doing. You’re not as old as you feel, you’re as young as you do!

Exploring our name and functions.

A New Old Age emerging from the clouds of denial of our own ageing

This article explores the concept of living better by doing, using the LivBetter technology.

How many times have you head someone say: “I don’t feel that old”, or “I feel much younger”?

Here’s the thing.   How does one “feel” an age?   Age is not an emotion, physical sensation, etc. it’s a measure of time. The time has passed; therefore I am the age I am now. I do not “feel” that age. I cannot touch it and what’s it supposed to feel like anyway.

I don’t like the term young at heart either. It is a denial of where one is. I don’t think denial makes any difference to what reality is. We can say whatever we want, but it won’t change what is. If we try to deny where we are, we are missing the experience of it. I think there is an experience of getting older.  

What if we just live fully as we are, not wishing to be ahead of it or behind.   You’re as young as you do!

That’s why we developed LivBetter, an App and online software to make it easy to put your hand up at any age, and to get help when needed.  This helps people to live independently at home for longer.

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