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We're living longer, can we also live better?

Launching a Living Better Conversation

Today we’re launching a living better conversation which is important for us, and might also be for you.

Baby boomers have observed the ageing of their parents. Many of us are also confronting our own ageing. Many of us do not want the experience of our parents, and few want to end up in a nursing home.

It is fair to say that we know what we don’t want. Yet few of us can adequately articulate what we do want – our desired future. We just hope that better fiscal, societal and individual solutions are possible … and that somebody is worrying about these. We need to think again!

If we can’t describe what we do want, then we can’t expect anybody else to anticipate this, nor can we start preparing for a different (and better) future. We know that we are likely to live longer, how can we live better. This conversation is about together exploring how we want to live for the rest of our lives.

Only by starting at the endpoint – and agreeing what we want as we grow older – can we usefully discuss what we will then need, how we deliver it and how we fund it. To be meaningful, this discussion must move away from welfare and entitlement thinking – or what others should do for us – and concentrate on what we can do for ourselves. This is taking responsibility for our own life journeys.

Our future is in our own hands …

Please participate in the conversation.